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Year 6 - Week 8

Lessons for children in school at at home

Click the links every day. These are being updated by your teachers to make sure you have a different daily activity. Please note that not every lesson will change everyday. 

Record your answers in your blue book or on paper. If you require a new book, please ask your parent/carer to collect one from the hall fire exit door. Remember, fill out the online form in the lesson so that your teachers know you have been completing the work. They are checking every day.

Completing work at home is very important. However, it is equally important to get plenty of rest and sleep. Please only complete work between 8am and 6pm. Take plenty on breaks, drink lots of water and get lots of rest. 

Topic & PSHCE

English Work

We would love you to keep a diary for 5 days to tell us about your lockdown experiences. You can record your diary entries however you would like to. We have made some suggestions in the template provided but feel free to choose your own way of recording. The more creative, the better!


If you have time, please go back and take part in the half-term challenges. Click HERE

Missed a lesson? 

Go back to previous lessons. You can redo lessons you struggled with, or challenge yourself to complete quizzes and challenges to get a better score. 

Music & Exercise

Music can be a excellent way of keeping jolly when times are stressful or boring. Use these lessons created by our teachers to lift your spirits 

Daily exercise helps to keep the mind and body strong and healthy. Mr Butcher has created you these lessons to keep you active. 

Art & Whole School Literacy

Author of the Week

Outdoor Learning

Keeping fit and active is very important. Remember that when playing in the garden or taking short periods of exercise with your parent/carer, you should keep 2 metres apart. 

Song of the day

Go to this link and enjoy a song a day to lift your spirits.

E Safety

Staying Safe online is very important in these challenging times. Use these videos and posters to help you.


Health Chat

‘Chat Health’ is Here to Help

Chat Health remains open to support young people aged 11-19 during the Covid-19 restrictions. Young people can text 07490 635 443 to receive advice support and information on a range of health issues such as emotional health and wellbeing, self-harm, anxiety, health relationships, bullying and internet safety, health eating, active lifestyles and substance misuse. We encourage you to remind students that this service remains open in your daily communication to pupils.

Feeling worried, anxious or need to talk? Call 

NSPCC 08088005000

Child Line 08001111

Or use The Whisper Button.

FOR PARENTS - If you have any safeguarding concerns, email


Parents....Important Message

Year 7 September 2020 – Queen Katharine Academy School Places only

Dear Parent/Carer

If your child has been offered a school place from the local authority for September start and you have not yet accepted the place  at QKA,

can you please  EMAIL  your acceptance to<>    we then  can keep you informed and send you updates on QKA  Year 7 Transition in preparation for their start.


QKA Admissions

NEW HAPPY VIDEO from the teachers