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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

    Speech and Language Support w/b 8th Feb



    Adults do not need special training to be able to provide a child with a positive start in life. There are a few simple building blocks that you can put in place to help your child grow, and as a parent, you just need to provide the time to interact with your children. By playing and allowing your child time and space to explore and interact in their own way, you allow your child to develop and learn in a fun and safe environment.

    Click on the images below to open a document with activities that can develop their communication skills.




    Building blocks

    Who’s got the hat?

    • Try this activity at home with other family members. Encourage your child to hide his/her eyes while someone puts the hat on. Help your child to then look around the group to see who’s got the hat on. To help them, you can point at each person and say “is it …..
    • Praise your child and reinforce “good looking”
    • You can play this game with other items e.g. a scarf, glasses, necklace, a medal, a ring etc

    Listening for “go”

    • Suitable toys for this game include a car ramp and cars, garage and cars or a marble run
    • Encourage your child to hold the car and wait for you to say “ready steady go”. You may need to help your child to begin with and gently encourage them to wait.
    • You can then try to gradually increase the amount of time your child waits before you say “go”