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Speech and Language Support

Using Blank Levels when reading

Level 1 – Naming Children at Blank Level 1 are talking about things in front of them or that have only just been taken away. Their responses are short or nonverbal e.g. pointing.

Level 2 – Describing Children at Blank Level 2 are talking about things directly in front of them. They can talk about part of an object. They will be talk about what an object does or what it looks like.

Level 3 – Retelling Children at Blank Level 3 are learning to tell stories, make predictions and define words. They must think and know the facts before giving an answer.

 Level 4 – Justifying Children at Blank Level 4 can make inferences and deduction. They can talk about cause and effect. They use their past experience and information beyond what they can see and hear.

Adults do not need special training to be able to provide a child with a positive start in life. There are a few simple building blocks that you can put in place to help your child grow, and as a parent, you just need to provide the time to interact with your children. By playing and allowing your child time and space to explore and interact in their own way, you allow your child to develop and learn in a fun and safe environment.

Click on the images below to open a document with activities that can develop their communication skills.




Building blocks