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Remote Education


Welcome to the Home Learning Page   


Remote Education will be provided through the school website daily if a whole school or bubble closes. Lessons will be delivered through pre-recorded videos.  Each day all children will have access to live teaching via Zoom. The school aims to mirror the normal curriculum that is taught in school. Further details can be found within the policy at the bottom of this page.  


If you do not own a device, or have inadequate access to the internet, please contact or telephone the school. The school will be able to provide you with a suitable device and a wireless router where required.  

Where the collection of devices or access to the internet is limited for a period, the school will arrange an alternative learning resources.   

Engagement & Uploading Work

Children are expected to post 2 pieces of work per day onto Seesaw and attend daily zooms with their work.  Teachers will provide daily feedback to children via Seesaw and Zoom.  If your child is not engaging, a member of school staff will contact you to discuss solutions.  

Support for Parents/Special Education Needs


How will children from different year groups access remote learning? 

The school will provide a  differentiated curriculum through the class pages. In EYFS and KS1, more live teaching will be available. In EYFS, extended morning zoom sessions include instructions and modeling so parents are able to support children with the tasks set. In KS2, there is a greater emphasis on independent learning through the recorded lessons. Leaders will ensure that a minimum of 3 hours of learning is accessible for children in EYFS and KS1 and 4 hours in KS2.