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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

    Reading & Writing

    Meet our Reading Detectives!


    Deedee (Deduction)

    What does she do?

    Foundation Stage - I understand stories and can predict the ending.

    KS1-  I can find and solve clues.

    Lower KS2- I like to be a detective. I like to find and solves the clues and work out what is happening now and is going to happen in the future.

    Upper KS2- The clues are there in the text you just might have to look a bit closer for them. How can you piece the clues together to figure out what’s happened and guess what will happen next?

    Secret Agent I (Inference)

    What does he do?

    Foundation Stage - I can say how characters are feeling.

    KS1-   I can read between the lines.

    Lower KS2- I like to “read between the lines” and discover the top secret information that the author is showing but not telling us!

    Upper KS2- What is the author “showing you” but not “telling you”? These answers are harder to find as you will need to look closely for clues about what the author is implying but not actually saying.

    Arthur and Inny the dog (Authorial intent)

    What do they do?

    Foundation Stage- I can find words in books.

    KS1- We can read as writers.

    Lower KS2- We like to read as writers. We like to find words, know why the writer has chosen them and what they mean.

    Upper KS2- You need to read as a writer. Why has the author chosen to use the words and phrases they’ve used? What does that word mean and what effect does it have on the reader?

    Lily and Al the Cat (Literal)

    What do they do?

    Foundation Stage- I like to find answers in books.

    KS1- The answers are there in front of you!

    Lower KS2- We like to solve really easy puzzles, the answers are always right there in front of us!

    Upper KS2- The answer isn’t hidden or hard to find it is right there in the text.

    Aura Girl (Oracy)

    What does she do?

    Foundation Stage- I like to talk about books.

    KS1- I like to talk about books and can give my opinions.

    Lower KS2- I like to talk about books and give reasons for my opinions. Sometimes I like to discuss books with my friends.

    Upper KS2- Can you discuss books and debate your opinion fairly with others?


    Miss Wood & Mr Fisk

    The progress pupils make from the end of Year 2 to the end of Year 6 in reading and writing is a strength of the school and is above the national average.

    Ofsted 2018