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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

    Physical and Sensory Support w/b 18th Jan

    Multi-Sensory Stories

    A video that provides lots of tips on how to make story telling multi-sensory using three components

    • Visual (what they can see)
    • Auditory (what they can hear/what they say)
    • Kinaesthetic (when they can move)

    Multi-Sensory Stories




    Sensory Circuits

    Some of our children usually attend sensory circuits, the purpose of this is to help to set children up for a school day.

    It enables children to reach the level of alertness needed to concentrate during lessons.

    Children participate in a 10-15 minute session of activities designed to improve brain processing efficiency, and they generally find that the circuit is a fun way to start the day. 

    At school we have specialist equipment but in the video and links below there are some suggestions of ways to recreate this at home without the  resources. 


    Hand strength

    Sensory Circuits activities

    Activities for attention and focus


    Sensory Circuits 




     In the two lessons below we explore a range of movements through multi-sensory activities. Our sensory circuits are longer sessions and are designed to be enjoyed and explored over a full term. You may focus on one element of the session for several weeks before moving onto the next activity and eventually sequencing them together.

    Physical Health

    In this lesson, we learn about how many calories we should consume for our age and gender in order to stay healthy.