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Year 5

SPAG Starter

Write these sentences in your book changing the words in bold to the correct pronoun.

  1. When Viola returned to the castle Viola went to see the Duke.
  2. Duke Orsino was feeling sad and miserable Duke Orsino was in love with Olivia.
  3. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew wanted to get rid of Malvolio  Sir Toby and Sir Andrew set a trap for him.
  4. They wrote a letter and left it where Malvolio would find it, the letter appeared to be from Olivia.


Rewrite this paragraph in your book sorting out the pronouns so that it is clear what is happening.

The Unicorn flew down the lane towards the dragon. It started at it as it landed and wondered if it was friendly. It snorted at it and it waited. It eyed it and it was uncertain what to do. It turned and flew away leaving it behind. It sighed, relieved that it was gone.


Copy and complete this paragraph in your book, adding in pronouns and underlining the words that you have added.

The sadness that engulfed Osrino was as massive as the castle in which_______ lived.

Sobbing________ stumbled around his bedchamber. Viola entered________ had just

returned from meeting Lady Olivia. On her return she had met Sir Toby and Sir Anthony

___________ were mean and ___________ didn’t like them at all. Orsino gave Viola a

brooch and asked Viola to take ___________ to Olivia.

Year 6