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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School


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    School Disco 

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    Monday 13th July 2020

    Virtual Sports Day







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    Help primary school children continue their education.

    Reading Top Tips

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    If you are interested in receiving additional maths support for your child at home, click this box. 

    We are pleased to announce, from Monday 27 April, online phonics lessons are available from Letters and Sounds for home and school< The lessons are on a YouTube channel.

    They are written and presented by phonics experts and the online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school.

    Three sets of lessons will be available. One set for Reception and one for Year 1, based on where children are expected to be in their learning in the summer term. A third set of lessons aims to reach the pupils that need further support.  A guidance film for parents to explain the basics of Phonics and how parents can support their child is also available.

    From Monday 27 April, a new lesson will be uploaded Monday to Friday at the times below during the summer term.

    10 am*
    Reception Summer term<>
    Phases 3 & 4<>
    For Reception children who can blend and read words such as ‘fish’ ‘chat’ and ‘rain’

    10:30 am*
    Year 1 Summer term<>
    Phase 5<>
    For Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’

    11 am*
    Learning to blend<>
    Phase 2 recap
    For children in Reception and Year 1 who need extra practice sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’

    Welcome to our new Learning From Home website section.





    Each year group has its own page and will update the links with different learning tasks every day (excluding school holidays). The children can record their answers or tasks in their blue book or on paper. On each link, we ask the children to fill out the form provided to inform their teacher that they have completed the work.

    It is very important in a time of unscheduled closure that everyone remains educationally stimulated and keeps their brain active.

    Please note that the links will be updating EVERY DAY. It may look the same to begin with, but new content is constantly being added.

    We will be updating this page with websites for parents to plan activities with their children if possible. 

    Here are some Art tips for the home. 

    Here is your Sensory Circuit from home page. 


    Feeling worried, anxious or need to talk? Call 

    NSPCC 08088005000

    Child Line 08001111

    Or use The Whisper Button.

    FOR PARENTS - If you have any safeguarding concerns, email