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Core Values


Core Values

The eight core values aim to promote a consistent view on effective and independent learning and promote learners’ wellbeing. A positive impact on behaviour for learning leads to a positive impact on engagement, attainment and progress. There is a focus on praising and promoting positive behaviour around the school.

Articulate: (WHITE)

  • I can look at the person I am talking to.
  • I can speak clearly.
  • I can be confident and speak in front of an audience.
  • I can think before I speak, so that I make sense.
  • I can use the key words for the topic.
  • I can listen attentively.
  • I can ask and respond to questions.
  • I can make observations.
  • I can recall events and retell stories.
  • I can express ideas, feelings and opinions.
  • I can use formal or informal language.

Collaborative: (RED)

  • I can listen to other ideas and opinions.
  • I can be a leader and a follower.
  • I can work as part of a team.
  • I can take turns.
  • I can encourage others.

Caring: (BLUE)

  • I can consider other people’s feelings.
  • I can look after myself, my community and my environment.
  • I can celebrate differences.
  • I can respect other people.
  • I can take pride in my learning and who I am.
  • I can help others.

Creative: (SILVER)

  • I can use my imagination.
  • I can build and make things.
  • I can play an instrument.
  • I can express my feelings.
  • I can sing and dance.
  • I can solve problems.
  • I can try new experiences.
  • I can think outside the box.

 Curious: (ORANGE)

  • I can explore my interests.
  • I can explore why things happen and how they work.
  • I can ask questions and look to discover the answer.
  • I can try my best to learn new things.
  • I can use my imagination.

Resilient: (YELLOW)

  • I can learn from my mistakes and my behaviour.
  • I never give up.
  • I keep going when things get difficult.
  • I can challenge myself.
  • I can work independently when I get stuck.

Reflective: (PURPLE)

  • I can talk about my work and behaviour.
  • I can suggest ways to improve.
  • I know when I’ve done well and when I could have done better.
  • I can question what I am learning about.
  • I can look at my feedback to improve my work.
  • I can consider links in my learning.

Excellent: (GREEN)

  • I can aim to be the best I can be.
  • I can achieve my target.
  • I can challenge myself to be better.
  • I can aim high.
  • I can keep on trying.