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Complaints Procedure

The school aims to comply with Section 29 of the Education Act 2002

We hope your child’s years at The Beeches Primary School will be an enjoyable experience, the memories of which will last for the rest of their lives. However, it is important that you tell us what you think of our service.

We know there is always room to improve, so we make every effort to put things right as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when things go wrong. If you do find that either you or your child are having concerns about school then let us know in the following way.

1) See the class teacher, usually best after school. Concerns about the learning of your child may be best done this way. This is informal, and no records will be kept.

2) See the Headteacher. The Headteacher is available to discuss your concerns and worries. In his absence, a Deputy Headteacher will deal with it. Call into the office or telephone to make an appointment. This is formal and a record will be kept. You may be contacted about the outcome of your complaint.

3) If you are still not satisfied or in you have a complaint about the Headteacher, then the following actions should be taken: Contact the Chair of the Governing Body. Make a formal written complaint to the governing body through the clerk to the Governors, , Mr Gary Peatling, c/o Governor Services, Sand Martin House, Bittern Way, Fletton Quays, Peterborough PE2 8TY. Details on how to do this can be obtained from the school office. This is a formal procedure. You may be contacted about the outcome of your complaint. If you are not satisfied with how Governors have dealt with your complaint, you can make a final written appeal to the Secretary of State for Education, Department for Education, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London, SW19 3BT.

Complaints cannot be re-heard or re-considered after following the above procedure. Sometimes, parents or carers making complaints or speak to staff and others in a way that is unacceptable and/or behave in an unacceptable manner. While we recognise that some complaint may relate to serious or distressing incidents, we will not accept threatening, inappropriate comments and swearing or harassing behaviour. The school has a duty of care to its staff and pupils and will take action should this become necessary. If you have difficulty with spoken English an interpreter can be found to help you.