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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

    After-school Forest & Garden Club for Reception & Yr 1

    This Club will start after Easter holidays in May until June 2019

    Forest Schools are led by qualified 2 Level 3 practitioners in a natural outdoor setting.

    Activities include:- Den building, Nature Art, Team Games, Camp Fire, Whittling sticks, Bug hunts, problem solving. Planting and caring for plants.

    What your child will need to wear:-  Covered footwear such as trainers or boots, long sleeves and trousers, coat, hat scarf and gloves in cold weather, sun hat and sun cream in hot sunny weather, waterproofs and wellington's in wet weather.

    Forest Club presents opportunities for the children to develop life-long learning by providing them with a holistic approach.  It teaches the children to learn and develop empathy, social skills, self-motivation, self-regulation and self esteem whilst having fun too as you can see from our Gallery.  They take responsibility for themselves and the environment whilst it allows them to pursue their own interests, imagination and creativity. 

    Garden club will enable the children to grow vegetables and fruits in the school garden.  We will be inviting parents to attend some of the sessions to support children.