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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

    Social and Emotional Support

    There are lots of things that will be a little different when we return to school. Remember you can ask your teachers if you have any questions, no matter how small!

    We might notice that we:

    • Are reminded to wash our hands regularly;

    • Have our own equipment rather than sharing class resources;

    • Are in smaller class groups and need to give each other space;

    • Have play and lunchtimes at different times to other classes;

    • Arrive and leave school at different times to other classes;

    • Have a different teacher to normal;

    • Have no assemblies;

    • Have no whole-school dinner time.

    However you feel about this, it is OK. You may feel the same way as some of your friends or you may feel differently about it. That is OK.


    Click on the picture below to download an emotion game (with instructions) that you can play at home.


    These websites can support you to start having conversations about emotional wellbeing, as well as what to do when your child share difficult thoughts or feelings and tips on creative ideas to support emotional wellbeing. 

    Make some time to relax...



    Below are links to websites that can support you to start having conversations and what to do to support your children and young people during these as well as creative ways to manage during these times. 

    Further support

     Wellbeing resources for parents 

    Wellbeing resources for children and young people

    Tips to talking to children and young people about Coronavirus

    Coronavirus A book for children

    Social story about Coronavirus

    Autism: guidance and advice for self isolating