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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

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    We re-open to ALL pupils on 8th March 2021. Click for more details.

    We are looking forward to seeing all children back in school on Monday 8th March




    • Please drop off and collect your child(ren) on time. You can find the times in the table below. 
    • Where possible, please can we request that only one parent/carer drops off and collects your child(ren) to avoid large crowds outside the gates.
    • When collecting your child(ren), please do not wait around to socialise. If your child walks home alone, please remind them to not wait for friends from other classes.
    • Please wear a mask when dropping and collecting your child(ren). This helps to keep you, the staff and all of the children safe. 
    School Devices: Laptop/Chromebooks or any other device loaned by the school including chargers/cases will need to be returned on Friday 5th March as soon as your child's Friday Zoom call has ended. 
    It is extremely important that these are returned on Friday so that they can be ready for children to use on Monday in school. 
    These will be collected via the old school entrance (double doors half way down the building) after each zoom call. This area will be manned from 9.15 until 12.15 for device drop off.  
    Please ensure you wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines at all times. 
    Class Start Time Entrance/Exit  Finish Time
    R1 8.45 Hobsons 2.05
    R2 8.50 Hobsons 2.10
    1JW 8.40 Hobsons 2.25
    1RS 8.35 Hobsons 2.20
    1SK 8.30 Hobsons 2.15
    2FJ 8.40 Community  2.25
    2RLS 8.35 Community  2.20
    2NW 8.30 Community  2.15
    3CB 8.45 Front Entrance 2.30
    3HH 8.50 Community  2.35
    3SJ 8.45 Community  2.30
    4MH 8.40 Upper Hall 2.25
    4SB 8.35 Upper Hall 2.20
    4DC 8.30 Upper Hall 2.15
    5MW 8.40 Craig Street  2.25
    5RL 8.35 Craig Street  2.20
    5FD 8.30 Craig Street  2.15
    6DB 8.40 Front Entrance 2.25
    6AW 8.35 Front Entrance 2.20
    6SW 8.30 Front Entrance 2.15