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The Beeches Primary School

The Beeches Primary School

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    School is now closed except for children of key workers or vulnerable children.

    Please read the following information 

    Due to the new lockdown announced tonight, The Beeches School will be closed to all children tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2021.

    Home learning lessons for all year groups can be found on the school here

    From Wednesday 6th January, we will be open to a limited number of children. These are certain children receiving special support and the children of Key Workers. You will be emailed tomorrow by the school if this involves your child. A list of Key Worker criteria can be found on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    All children, those in school and those at home, will be invited to take part in special lessons designed and led by their teachers. Many children had lessons like these when we had to close class bubbles last term. Each day,  your child will be expected to take part in zoom meetings about their work. Details will be posted from Wednesday onwards. 

    Please see this short video of what to expect

    You will have the chance to collect resources such as exercise books, pens, and pencils, as well as reading books from the school. Please wear a mask if visiting the school. These will be available from Wednesday.

    If your child needs a laptop, we can help with that too. Please email

    If you or your family need any help, please call us on 01733209877 or email the school office

    Children of critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings